The World Health Organization (WHO) is the UN body responsible for international public health. The committee was founded in April 1948, when diplomats came together with plans to set up a global health organization. Since its inception, WHO has been a leading force in the fight to bring awareness to causes of pressing health issues, and in the elimination of deadly viruses and diseases.

Additionally, WHO strives to teach the importance of personal hygiene and healthy lifestyles to residents of developing countries, in order to increase the standard of public health. WHO is also responsible for the World Health report; a leading publication relating to global health.

WHO offers the traditional Model United Nations experience for delegates of all experience levels. Position papers are recommended for this committee, but are mandatory for delegates to be considered for awards. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries, and position papers for this committee can be emailed to

The WHO committee will participate in the Summit Program - more information about the Summit can be found here


Ethan Wong | Director

Ethan is currently a senior attending Richmond Christian School, and is ecstatic to serve as the director of the World Health Organization. Since attending his first Model UN conference in Grade 9, Ethan quickly became engrossed in the late night heated debate and various aspects that make Model UN unique. Within the following years, Ethan has attended a deluge of Model United Nations conferences scattered among the lower mainland, which has developed his awareness of current world detriments and international relations. Aside from the conference room, Ethan can be found avidly searching for the new restaurants, drinking bubble tea in the late hours of the night, and struggling to maintain a proper sleep schedule. Ethan looks forward to a weekend of multifaceted pragmatic debate, and is incredibly excited to meet all delegates at CAHSMUN 2020!


Jessica Lin | Chair

Jessica is a grade 12 student at Crofton House School and is ecstatic to serve as the Chair of the World Health Organization at CAHSMUN 2020. Since walking into her first committee session as a timid and rather naive grade 8, Jessica has come to appreciate the professionalism and collaborative environment that encompasses Model UN, as well as the existence of caffeine at two in the morning. Five short years later, Jessica looks back and reminisces about the memories she has made, the people she has met, and the fiery debates she has partaken in. As CAHSMUN 2020 will be her final Model UN conference, Jessica ambivalently awaits this bittersweet end to her high school Model UN experience.


Christopher Bong | Chair

Christopher is a grade 12 student at St. George’s School and is excited to serve as Chair for the WHO at CAHSMUN 2020. Since his first attempt in explaining the financial situation of Honduras to delegates of first world countries at VYMUN 2016, he has since grown fond of MUN. From the exhilarating debates and passionate speeches delivered, the occasionally nasty roasts exchanged, to the creative solutions negotiated, he has enjoyed every moment of MUN. Outside his MUN bubble, Christopher can be constantly stuck in his fantasy of creating Michelin-starred dishes, struggling to keep alive his IG food account, and finding ways to fill his curiosity towards law. Christopher cannot wait to see the delegates of WHO and creating a memorable committee together!