Kevin Zuo.jpg

Kevin Zuo
| Secretary-General

Kevin is a senior at Fraser Heights Secondary and is honoured to serve as the Secretary-General of CAHSMUN 2018. Having actively participated in Model UN since his Grade 8 year, Kevin has delegated and staffed at numerous conferences, as well as encountered countless individuals who are sure to become the leaders of tomorrow. Model UN granted him new lenses through which to perceive the world around him, and it has allowed him to forge lifelong bonds with erudite youths from across the country. When not behind the podium delivering speeches or up at night editing essays, Kevin can be found playing the piano for leisure, cuddling his labrador retriever out of adoration, or planning his trip to visit the wonders of the world. Kevin is beyond excited to meet all the participants in April and knows that CAHSMUN 2018 will be a rewarding experience.

Peter Jiang.png

Peter Jiang
| Director-General

Peter Jiang is a senior in Semiahmoo Secondary’s International Baccalaureate program and with his passion for Model UN, comes his absolute joy in serving as your Director-General for CAHSMUN 2018. Ever since his first conference three years ago, Model UN has become an irreplaceable and defining aspect of his life. When he isn’t in a suit, you can often find Peter playing trombone, cooking, and laminating his notes so his tears roll off. When he really has time, he won’t miss the opportunity to escape his surly earthen problems and fly away in light aircraft. CAHSMUN 2018 is sure to bring intense debate, new friendships, and an all-around amazing adventure for all teachers, students, and staff alike. Peter is happy to be a part of this journey, and looks forward to seeing everyone in April!

Julian Lam.jpg

Julian Lam
| Chief of Staff

Julian Lam is a senior at Southpointe Academy and has a keen interest in international politics and global affairs. Since first starting his journey in Model United Nations in Grade 6, Julian has attended a multitude of international and local conferences — including those in both Southeast Asia and Canada. Julian finds himself particularly interested in international and local issues that affect his community and society — working avidly in translating his profound interest into real world action. He is excited to serve as the Chief of Staff for the next iteration of CAHSMUN and hopes to sow the seeds of debate and diplomacy in delegates — two aspects for which he believes are paramount to any successful MUN experience. Outside of MUN, Julian enjoys photography, tennis, exploring Vancouver’s culinary scene, and traveling. Julian is very much thrilled to be a part of CAHSMUN’s organizing team and he hopes that all participating delegates have a remarkable experience.

Danica Li.jpg

Danica Li
| USG General Assemblies

Danica is senior at Richmond Christian School and is ecstatic to be serving as the USG of General Assemblies at CAHSMUN 2018. Captivated by the world of politics and diplomacy, Danica has attended MUN conferences since Grade 9, with her first conference being CAHSMUN 2015. Truly impacted by the resolutions and positive ideas formulated in committee sessions, Danica became determined to seek out these solutions outside the committee room through becoming involved in various non-profit organizations. From working to promote literacy and education to fundraising for victims of abuse, Danica consistently strives to make positive changes in the world and aid the global community. Outside of MUN and her nonprofit work, Danica enjoys serving on the Student and Leadership Team at her school, traveling the world, and spending time with her family. Danica is honoured to help delegates begin or further develop their Model UN career and is looking forward to a conference filled with intense debate, collaboration, communication, and compromise.

Brandon Zhou.jpg

Brandon Zhou
| USG Specialized Agencies

Brandon is a senior at St. George’s School and is honoured to be serving as the USG of Specialized Agencies at CAHSMUN 2018. Ever since attending his first conference several years ago, he has been passionate and fascinated by diplomacy, international relations, and public speaking. After many conferences and caucuses, Brandon sees the importance of Model UN because it not only allows participants to broaden their perspective of the world, but also helps develop rhetoric and critical thinking skills. Aside from Model UN, Brandon enjoys playing piano and percussion, trying our new foods, and travelling the world. He is also active in volunteering with various non-profit organizations and debating. Brandon hopes to ignite a passion for diplomacy in all delegates. He cannot wait to meet all the delegates at the conference and hopes that CAHSMUN 2018 will be an unforgettable experience!

Andy Jiang.jpg

Andy Jiang
| USG Delegate Affairs 1

Andy Jiang is a junior at Fraser Heights Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as one of the USG Delegate Affairs at CAHSMUN 2018. His immense passion for public speaking and debate has felt right at home in the comprehensive world of Model United Nations. Ever since raising his placard for the very first time, Andy has fallen in love with the supportive community of fellow delegates, staff, and secretariat members. Throughout the span of over 15 conferences, Andy has molded friendships he will treasure for life, something he wishes for the hundreds of delegates attending CAHSMUN. Aside from his involvement in MUN, Andy can be found in an intense rally on the badminton court or soundly asleep with his face planted in a chemistry textbook. With CAHSMUN 2018 on the horizon, Andy cannot wait to meet hundreds of determined faces and to promote a burning passion for politics and international affairs.

Irene Zhang.jpg

Irene Zhang
| USG Delegate Affairs 2

In her junior year at Fraser Heights Secondary, Irene is honoured to be serving as one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs for CAHSMUN 2018. Ever since she walked into her first Model UN conference in an oversized blazer, nothing could have ever prepared her for the life-changing adventures that she was about to have. From intense debates and inspiring speeches to incredible rhetoric and amusing props, she has truly experienced some of the incredible things Model UN had to offer. Not once has she ever looked back and regretted all those all-nighters, midnight crises, and position papers. In her free time, Irene enjoys spending hours drawing, practicing Taekwondo, and contemplating post-secondary options. Attending CAHSMUN conferences in that past has taught her invaluable skills in public speaking, diplomacy, and critical thinking, and she hopes that CAHSMUN 2018 will do the same for volunteers, staff members, and delegates alike.

Janice Lam.jpg

Janice Lam
| USG Marketing

Janice is a senior at Crofton House School and she is ecstatic to be serving as the USG Marketing. Having attended CAHSMUN back in the eighth grade, Janice is proud to be ending her high school MUN experience by serving as a secretariat member of CAHSMUN — the conference that started it all. Since joining MUN, Janice has quickly fallen in love with the fast paced debates, the holistic education that MUN promotes, and the diverse people that make up the committees. Outside of MUN, Janice can be found rowing, running track and field, reading women empowerment books, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. Janice is looking forward to organizing a spectacular conference and she is excited to watch friendships form and witness stellar debate at CAHSMUN 2018!

Celina Chen.jpg

Celina Chen
| USG Conference

Currently in her senior year at Pinetree Secondary, Celina is incredibly honoured to be serving as the USG of Conference for CAHSMUN 2018. Ever since her first conference in 2014, Celina has been completely enchanted with Model UN and its community. Thus, after feeling the impacts of youth empowerment for herself, she strongly believes that the skills and memories one receives through partaking in MUN is truly life-changing, and wishes to share that ideology with as many people as possible. When Celina isn’t busy procrastinating on homework, you can find her binging Korean dramas, crying over how difficult calculus is, practicing piano, volunteering around the city, taking random walks, on a long rant with a friend, or very, very, very rarely, doing something genuinely productive. She is extremely excited to meet passionate delegates and sponsor teachers in April, and hopes it will be an unforgettable conference experience for all attendees!


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