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Audrea Wang
| Secretary-General

Audrea Wang is currently a senior at Port Moody Secondary and is honoured to be serving as the Secretary-General for CAHSMUN 2020. Ever since her first conference in Grade 9, Audrea was immediately drawn to the world of Model United Nations by the fiery discussions about international affairs and the drafting of potential solutions to real-world problems. Over the span of hundreds of speeches and numerous experiences as a delegate, staff and secretariat member, Audrea has now come to gain not only invaluable public speaking and critical thinking skills, but also a global mindset that has broadened her perspective of the world. Outside of Model United Nations, Audrea can be found participating in local debate tournaments, adjusting her cello strap, or attempting to read all the books she bought on a whim. CAHSMUN was the conference that began her Model United Nations journey, and Audrea hopes that for her final CAHSMUN, she will inspire more delegates to explore politics and global affairs.

Bridget Young
| Chief of Staff

Entering her senior year at Crofton House School, Bridget Young is honoured to serve as the Chief of Staff at CAHSMUN XVI. Ever since joining Model UN in grade 9 out of curiosity, her initial disdain for public speaking eventually matured into a passion that has shaped her high school life. Bridget has since eagerly delved in different contentious topics as both a delegate and Staff, enjoying the perks of being both. Outside the committee room, Bridget can be found completing sudoku or nonogram puzzles, searching for new music, obsessing over Su-Ann’s dog, or drawing to relieve stress. Most notably, she uses “studying at the cafe” as a pretext for buying two different-flavoured milkshakes for herself. As CAHSMUN will conclude a greatly memorable chapter of her life, Bridget is thrilled for the weekend of persistent contention, tireless conversation, and eventual concordance. She is excited to work alongside both an amazing Secretariat and Staff team to create an unforgettable experience for all that attend.

Jennifer Tsai
| Director of Logistics

Jennifer is currently a grade 12 student attending Fraser Heights Secondary School and is beyond thrilled to be serving as the Director of Logistics for CAHSMUN 2020. Ever since her first MUN conference in grade 9, she has been mesmerized by the fascinating realm of global issues, eloquent debates, and the support community of like-minded individuals. Her journey of delegating, staffing, and organizing over 15 conferences has allowed her to acquire an array of invaluable skills and friendships that she will treasure for years to come. While not consumed in MUN activities, Jennifer can be found involved in community service, buried under heaps of science notes, catching the sunset on evening runs, or hunting for new dessert cafes with her friends. As a member of the Secretariat team, Jennifer hopes to make CAHSMUN a memorable and enriching experience for all attendees!

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Cameron Brawn
| USG General Assemblies

Cameron is a senior attending Richmond Christian Secondary School and is honoured to be serving as the USG of General Assemblies. His Model UN journey began in Grade 9, where he became intrigued by the engaging discussions and political debate evident within each committee session. Since then, he has delegated and staffed at numerous conferences spanning across the Lower Mainland. Cameron continues to be captivated by the MUN community and its ability to bring together individuals from various backgrounds leading to lasting friendships. Outside of MUN, Cameron can be found playing hockey, endlessly scrolling through 80's Spotify playlists, and occasionally delving into the scene of organized debate. As this iteration of CAHSMUN will mark one of the final chapters in Cameron's Model UN journey, he is hopeful that the upcoming conference will continue to produce fruitful debate and inspire delegates to find their voice. Cameron is incredibly excited to serve as the USG of General Assemblies alongside his co-conspirator, Su-Ann Ho, to make CAHSMUN 2020 a memorable experience for all.

Su-Ann Ho
| USG Specialized Agencies

Su-Ann is a senior at Crofton House School and is elated to be serving as the USG Specialized Agencies of CAHSMUN XVI. She began her Model UN journey in Grade 8 to improve her public speaking skills, but after four years of participating in a wide array of committees, she has found herself surrounded by a community of encouraging, intellectual, and passionate people. Now, she thrives in the hectic environment of diplomacy and deception only available at MUN and particularly adores the fantastical nature of crises–whether multi-sessioned or isolated at midnight. When she is not attempting (and failing) to get a gavel, Su-Ann spends her time building robots, obsessing over her dog, “speed” cubing, and wasting away on Reddit. CAHSMUN will be the endgame in Su-Ann’s Model UN career, and she is thrilled to work alongside her co-conspirator, Cameron Brawn, to make it a remarkable experience for all.

Jimmy Ma
| USG Marketing

Jimmy is a senior currently attending Port Moody Secondary School in the International Baccalaureate Programme and is ecstatic to serve as the USG Marketing for CAHSMUN 2020. Since being introduced to Model United Nations in the ninth grade, he was instantly captivated by the integrity of factual research, fervent debate sessions, and innovative resolutions to global issues. Jimmy deeply cherishes the extraordinary individuals he has met throughout his thoroughly insightful and gratifying journey. Having experienced three successive iterations of CAHSMUN in both the capacity as a delegate and as a Staff member, Jimmy is honoured to finally be part of the Secretariat team. Besides his participation in Model UN, he can be found exploring Adobe content creation tools, carrying out volunteer work in nonprofit organizations, delving into the crucible of mathematics, or needlessly applying literary analysis approaches to the perplexities of his life. As USG Marketing, Jimmy strives to inspire more high school students than ever to attend CAHSMUN 2020 for a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

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Emily Ni
| USG Conference

Currently in her junior year at Crofton House School, Emily is delighted to be serving as the USG Conference of CAHSMUN 2020. Ever since she signed up for her school’s Model UN club one fateful September, Emily has seen the transformative nature of MUN shape her high school years for the better. Four years and 18 conferences later, Emily is incredibly thankful to have gained a penchant for diplomatic negotiations, nostalgic memories made during her delegating days, and her best friends through the esoteric world of Model UN. When not lamenting over her rapidly diminishing spare time, Emily can be found gesturing haphazardly during debate speeches, savouring overpriced coffee while café hopping, and entertaining philosophical conversations with her friends at ungodly hours of the night. Above all else, Emily hopes to create an unforgettable experience for all delegates at CAHSMUN 2020 by instilling in them the same affectionate zeal for diplomacy that CAHSMUN did for her.

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Ellen Li
| USG Delegate Affairs

Ellen Li is a rising junior at Crofton House School. Since her introduction to the complex world of Model United Nations in Grade 8, she has been enraptured by the tireless effort to inspire youth and build lasting connections around the globe. Without the political discourse and collaboration Model United Nations generates, Ellen wouldn’t be the dogmatic and outspoken individual she is today. Over the course of her 3 year journey, Ellen has learned lessons and skills that will stick for a lifetime – she hopes delegates that attend CAHSMUN 2020 are able to gain that same insight. As the USG of Delegate Affairs, she promises to work tirelessly in providing the ultimate CAHSMUN experience – so feel free to contact her anytime with questions, concerns, or compliments! Aside from pursuing the fine art of witnessing cinematic masterpieces (such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Mindy Project), Ellen can also be found walking her dog and subsequently, being walked by her dog. She can’t wait to see you all at CAHSMUN 2020!

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Cynthia Fung
| USG Media

Cynthia is a senior at Richmond Christian Secondary School and is honoured to serve as the USG Media of CAHSMUN 2020. With a passion ablaze since her first conference in Grade 9, Cynthia is continually captivated by the unique collaboration, diplomatic discussion, and (respectful) disagreement she encounters in Model UN; so too does she encounter the exceptional artistic talent Model UN attracts, from her experience as a photographer and videographer for conferences. When not raising a placard or frantically editing a conference video, she is often learning the nuances of Adobe programs, calculating the optimal time to sleep, through the cracks of her phone screen, or watching movies years past their peak. Cynthia is looking forward to an exceptional weekend filled with engaging debate and lasting connections, and hopes that CAHSMUN brings attendees an unforgettable experience!

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Jeffrey Luo

Jeffrey is a senior student at Port Moody Secondary School in the International Baccalaureate Programme. Since entering the world of Model UN in grade 9, Jeffrey has been constantly amazed by the depth and passion that go into Model UN conferences and the rigorous and heated debates. After each conference Jeffrey realized that MUN was not only a place for great discussions and a place for improving speaking and critical thinking skills, but also a place to broaden his views and become a better global citizen. Aside from Model UN, Jeffrey can be found typing furiously at his laptop to make programs that only work half the time, looking up cooking recipes, or playing badminton. For his last year of Model UN, Jeffrey is looking forward to meeting all the delegates for another unforgettable CAHSMUN experience!