The US Senate is part of the legislative body of the United States and is primarily responsible for the drafting and review of laws. As the highest chamber of Congress, the goal of the Senate is to represent each state of the United States. This entails the election of two senators from every state, who each serve a staggered term of six years. Abilities unique to the Senate include its capacity to dissect international bills and treaties and the use of cloture (the adjournment of debate on a particular issue). Furthermore, it is distinct in its membership; as the Senate's goal is to represent the state, two senators are elected from every state, regardless of population size.

From the oversight of presidential actions to the creation of international policies, challenges faced by the senate vary in order of magnitudes. This year at CAHSMUN, senators will dissect two domestic issues: Affordable Healthcare and the Reexamination of DACA. As an intermediate committee, all delegates - regardless of experience - will be able to find a fulfilling experience.

Position papers are not mandatory but are required to be considered for an award. Questions, comments and position papers should be directed to


Lincoln Lee | Director

Lincoln is entering his grade 11 year at Port Moody Secondary School and is honoured to serve as the Director of the US Senate. After a coincidental visit to his MUN club meeting, he has been hooked by the merit of debate. Since then, he has had immense luck in discovering his passions, learning about politics and meeting incredible people. In his spare time, Lincoln can be found watching political YouTube videos, eating with friends or practicing card tricks. Lincoln hopes that CAHSMUN will be an inspiring experience for all and looks forward to meeting everyone in person.


Rina Zhuang | Chair

As a senior at Dr. Charles Best Secondary, Rina is beyond ecstatic to be serving as the chair of US Senate at CAHSMUN 2020. Ever since her first terrifying, yet thrilling conference merely two years ago, Rina has found a prominent passion with the Model UN world. Her experiences in the placard-raising extracurricular has revolutionized her confidence, public speaking pursuits, and global awareness, leading her to great excitement in bringing the same values for the delegates of CAHSMUN. Outside conference walls, Rina can be difficult to find, as she is directionally challenged. However, when spotted, she is commonly found binging TV shows, drinking an abundance of iced coffee, and worrying that she lost her phone, only to realize it was with her all along. Rina is eagerly waiting to meet all delegates in a weekend full of fruitful debate!

Harry Jing | Chair

As a Junior IB student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, Harry entered the world of MUN with nothing but a penchant for arguing with others. To Harry, MUN is an opportunity to stay at a nice hotel and do what he loves best: stirring up controversy. After a year of attending conferences and having learned the value of diplomacy, Harry is elated to serve as Chair of US Senate. Beyond MUN, Harry can be found debating the questionable legitimacy of the Republic of China. Some of Harry’s favourite pastimes include hibernating and exposing himself in MUN biographies. In this iteration of the US Senate, Harry hopes to create a dramatic, politically- charged committee without a dull moment.