Enter the Joint Crisis Committee, the meeting ground of those who wish to ascend above the conventional Model UN committee and experience the bloodied battlefields of war. With two blocs operating in separate committee rooms but on the same perpetual timeline, CAHSMUN 2019’s JCC is a re-enactment of the Vietnam War, a controversial conflict that ensued during the Cold War. However, the course of history as we know it has the potential to be drastically altered in trajectory with the decisions of JCC delegates, who will assume of the positions of significant military figures from either the US war cabinet of Lyndon B. Johnson or communist North Vietnam. Through imploring directives, this delegating experience will not only be fast-paced — as actions of either bloc will have an immediate impact on the perpetual crisis — but also demand diplomacy, compromise and even clandestine in the battle of wits that is known as the JCC.

JCC will follow CAHSMUN’s official Rules of Procedure for crisis committees, meaning actions will be taken via either private or public directives. JCC is an advanced committee, featuring fast-paced developments and a high level of debate. Thus, this committee is only open to the most experienced and competitive of delegates.

Position papers are mandatory for this committee. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries and position papers for this committee can be emailed to jcc@cahsmun.org.


Derick Yuan | Crisis Director

Derick is a sleep-deprived senior hailing from Fraser Heights Secondary in the suburbs of Surrey, and he is delighted to be serving as the Director of the Joint Crisis Committee. Derick fell in love with Model UN in his sophomore year, and CAHSMUN 2019 will be the final destination of this elevator ride that has only gone up; from global awareness and expanded perspectives to social skills and political capacities, MUN has forever changed Derick for the better. When not dressed in western business attire, the JCC Director can be found on the badminton court, watching movies, trying out new food, or simply hanging out with friends. There are no words to describe Derick's excitement for CAHSMUN 2019 - he looks forward to seeing you in April on the battlegrounds of Vietnam!


Eli Lee | Bloc Director

Eli is a rising senior attending Fraser Heights Secondary School and is ecstatic to serve as one of the Bloc Directors for JCC. After raising his placard thrice in his first Model United Nations conference three years ago, Eli has since been captivated continuously by the MUN community. In his "free" time, Eli can be found being directed to make spreadsheets by his overlord director. In the one of the last staffing position of his long MUN journey, Eli is thrilled to be working alongside his fellow staff members in one of the most exciting committees that CAHSMUN has to offer. During this particular weekend of March, Eli looks forward to what hopefully develops into an unforgettable experience for all delegates!


Judith Chen | Bloc Director

Currently a senior at Semiahmoo Secondary, Judith is entering her fourth year of Model United Nations. Since her first Model UN conference in Grade 9, Judith has grown a genuine passion for Model UN and its community. She believes that Model UN is an educational experience unlike any other, and is an excellent way to develop public speaking skills, expand global awareness, and connect with like-minded individuals. She is extremely excited to direct JCC at CAHSMUN 2019 and hopes to extend her love for Model UN to new and seasoned delegates alike. Outside of MUN, Judith enjoys playing volleyball, blogging, and listening to music.

James Chae

James Chae | Chair

James Chae is a senior IB student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary and is excited to serve as Chair for JCC at CAHSMUN 2019. He has been involved in around MUN for four years ever since his days as a middle school student at Vancouver College. James has been enraptured by this activity in its ability to change one's character and introduce one to like-minded, intelligent, and passionate peers. Outside of MUN and IB, James plays soccer, piano, and the violin. He works as a soccer referee and a lifesaving instructor/lifeguard (if you faint during committee session, he will take care of you). CAHSMUN 2019 is James' fifth staffing experience, and he is thrilled to be staffing another JCC. He looks forward to having an absolutely fantastic experience at CAHSMUN 2019.

Su-Ann Ho

Su-Ann Ho | Chair

As a junior attending Crofton House School, Su-Ann is honoured to be serving as a Crisis Chair of the Joint Crisis Committee. Su-Ann originally joined MUN to improve her public speaking skills, but after three years of delegating, she has developed a passion for the intense debate. She enjoys reading, listening to music, leading a robotics team, and dog-watching in her free time. When not immersed in political discussions, she learns about the mysteries of life by delving into the rabbit hole of Wikipedia articles. Su-Ann is excited to meet all of the delegates and thrilled to be part of an amazing weekend at CAHSMUN 2019!


Jonathan Chan | Chair

Jonathan is currently a senior at Richmond Christian School and is ecstatic to serve as one of the Chairs for the Joint Crisis Committee at CAHSMUN 2019. After attending his first conference in grade 9, Model UN has become a major contributor to his interest in international relations and current events. In his fourth and final year of participating in MUN, Jonathan is extremely grateful for the previous dais members that mentored him and hopes to aid his own delegates through similar measures. Outside of MUN and academics, he enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and serving in local non-profit organizations. Jonathan cannot wait to meet everyone and hopes the weekend will be filled with exciting debate and memorable experiences.

Skylar Chan

Skyler Chan | Chair

Skyler is a sophomore at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary’s Prelude French Immersion program and is truly elated to serve as the Chair of JCC at CAHSMUN 2019. The true culmination of debate, public speaking and global affairs, all of which are his passions, embodies within Model United Nations. Ever since researching a country he didn’t know existed (Albania) in grade 8, until now after over 10 MUN conferences, he’s fallen not only in love with Wikipedia, Thesaurus.com, and Google, but the magnanimous MUN community that he is grateful to be a part of. Outside of MUN and debate, Skyler can be found attempting not to lose 15-0 while fencing, trying not to go sharp on the flute, and studying for his glider exam. During his real free time, he can be found storming the streets of downtown with his camera and writing run-on sentences. He’s looking forward to welcoming all delegates in April!