The Joint Crisis Committee, composed of two opposing blocs, stands as one of the most diverse, challenging, and rewarding Model UN experiences out there. Two crisis blocs, that share the same world, events, and consequences, will need to diplomatically maneuver their way throughout a tumultuous time in history. This year’s JCC topic is Supremacy for the Far East, 1894, in where the competing empires of Russia and Japan vie for dominance over the region. Industrialization, nationalism, and imperialism dominate the discussions of the Russian Empire’s Committee of Ministers and the Privy Council of Imperial Japan. Due to the onslaught of speeches, directives, and ideas in both blocs, delegates must work quickly and decisively to ensure their nation’s success at the turn of the 20th century.

JCC is a committee suited for experienced delegates, but is open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. Position papers are mandatory for this committee. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries and position papers for this committee can be emailed to


William Tsai | Crisis Director

William Tsai is a junior attending St. George’s School. He is glad to be serving as the Crisis Director for CAHSMUN's Joint Crisis Committee. From its engaging debate to the complex politics of the world itself, Model UN has captivated William since Grade 7 and since then, his passion for Model UN has only grown. Having attended numerous different conferences since joining Model UN four years ago, William wishes to spread his passion of MUN to all of his delegates. During his free time, William is often found advocating for the international recognition of Taiwan, competing in schoolreach, and working on his school's yearbook. William is looking forward to an entertaining and memorable committee and hopes the committee will be a great experience for all delegates.


Steven Long | Bloc Director

Currently in Grade 12 at St. George’s School, Steven is excited to be serving as the bloc director of the Japanese Bloc. This will be Steven’s 6th year in MUN and his 3rd CAHSMUN. Besides MUN, Steven enjoys attempting to keep up with work on Capitol Hill, trying to convince his Latin teacher that he’s at a collegiate level, watching oriental animated television shows, and taking long walks on sunlit Mediterranean beaches. He looks forward to a weekend of inspiring resolutions and fierce Japanese debate!


Alex Shojania | Bloc Director

Currently in Grade 12 at St. George’s School, Alex is excited to be serving as one of two Bloc Directors for CAHSMUN 2020. As this will be Alex’s 6th and final year of Model UN, Alex has quite the collection of memorable moments, including all the friendships he’s made through MUN over the years. Besides MUN, Alex enjoys photography, studying various languages, cycling, staring at spaghetti code, advocating for cryptocurrency, and taking his dog on long walks. Alex looks forward to further introductions at the conference.


Armaan Jaffer | Chair

As a sophomore currently attending St. George’s School, Armaan is honoured to serve as a Chair of the Joint Crisis Committees at CAHSMUN 2020. After attending his first conference as a wide-eyed Grade 7 student, Armaan has grown to love Model United Nations. Now entering his fourth year of MUN, Armaan has attended over a dozen conferences. In his free time, Armaan can be found on the soccer field, taking photographs, and learning languages. He is looking forward to a weekend full of enjoyable discussion and intense debate.


Jessy Ma | Chair

Currently a Grade 12 at Crofton House School, Jessy Ma is ecstatic to be serving as one of JCC's chairs at this year’s CAHSMUN. This will be Jessy’s 5th CAHSMUN and her 4th time staffing. Since her first Model UN experience in grade 8, Jessy has continued to strive to improve her skills as a passionate leader and public speaker. Through Model UN, Jessy has made many memorable memories and lifelong friendships and she hopes to make this year's CAHSMUN just as special as it was to her. Besides MUN, Jessy enjoys eating cheese, browsing Netflix, and discovering the “je-ne-sais-quoi” in life. As an avid crisis lover, she looks forward to a weekend of crisis solving and intense debate!


Derek Wu | Chair

Derek Wu is a junior at St. George’s School and is delighted to serve as a Chair of the Joint Crisis Committee (JCC). Over 4 years in the world of Model United Nations, Derek has developed a deep affinity for the blend of vibrant debate and careful policymaking in the conference room. A lover of obscure history, Derek has grown fond of searching for historical facts from websites of questionable accuracy. Outside of hotel conference rooms, Derek can be found searching for Vancouver’s finest cafés and bakeries, watching historical dramas on Netflix at 3 in the morning, and trying to navigate the tumultuous, chaotic world of Taiwanese politics. Derek eagerly awaits a lively committee filled with energy, and hopes that everyone has a splendid experience at CAHSMUN 2020.


Alec Yang | Chair

Alec is currently a junior attending Moscrop Secondary School and is ecstatic to be serving as the Chair for the Joint Crisis Committee in this year's iteration of CAHSMUN. Ever since attending his first conference more than two years ago, he fell in love with the intense atmosphere, fast-paced debate, and heated discussion that is the world of Model UN. Outside of MUN, Alec can often be found flying gliders, binging his newest finds on Netflix, or just simply procrastinating on homework. Alec is beyond excited to meet everyone and looks forward to making this year's iteration of CAHSMUN better than ever!