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Dear School Advisors‭, ‬Faculty Advisors‭, ‬and Prospective Delegates‭,‬

Welcome to Canadian High Schools Model United Nations XV‭.‬

My name is Andy Jiang‭, ‬and it is my honour to serve as the Secretary-General of CAHSMUN 2019‭. ‬On behalf of the Secretariat team‭ ‬and the Board of Directors‭, ‬I would like to formally invite you to the latest iteration of CAHSMUN‭, ‬to be held from April 12th to April 14th‭, ‬2019‭ ‬at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel in Vancouver‭, ‬British Columbia‭, ‬Canada‭.‬

Each year‭, ‬CAHSMUN welcomes hundreds of high school students from across the world to partake in an unparalleled educational experience‭. ‬We pride ourselves in offering a diverse committees program that incorporates a plethora of relevant political‭, ‬social‭,‬‭ ‬and economical topics‭. ‬During the exciting weekend‭, ‬delegates will have the opportunity to represent global leaders in the United Nations‭, ‬military generals in historical battles‭, ‬and dedicated journalists in the International Press Corps‭. ‬Together with a team of talented Secretariat members‭, ‬I cannot wait to continue the level of substantive excellence that CAHSMUN is renowned for in our upcoming session‭.‬

Since its inception‭, ‬CAHSMUN has remained steadfast in its pursuit of educational excellence‭. ‬In hopes of alleviating the numerous conflicts in today’s world‭, ‬we offer a platform for diplomatic discourse‭, ‬allowing students to build the foundational skills of collaboration‭, ‬research‭, ‬and discussion‭. ‬To emphasize the importance of cooperation‭, ‬we are proud to offer multiple-delegation committees and the Summit Program‭, ‬both designed to provide students with the opportunity to work closely with each other‭. ‬Through this experience‭, ‬we wish to inspire the leaders of the future by cultivating the confidence for dialogue‭.‬

Working alongside our capable Staff and Secretariat teams‭, ‬I am fully committed to creating a comprehensive experience for all participants‭. ‬Please do not hesitate to contact me via sg@cahsmun.org if you have any questions or concerns‭. ‬Thank you for joining us‭, ‬and I look forward to welcoming you to CAHSMUN in April‭. ‬



Andy Jiang
Canadian High Schools Model United Nations 2019




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