Within this Historical Crisis Committee (HCC), delegates will struggle to navigate through the entangled mess known as diplomacy, and explore the multifarious sides of venerable events, as they aspire to rewrite history in alignment with their self-interest. Delegates may incarnate within the profiles of great heroes or notorious villains, and view the crisis from a new lens, amalgamating their own contemporary perspectives along with the perspectives of their designated character. 

In the Norman Conquest of England, 1066, delegates will be transported back to a time of Medieval Europe, where all marriages are political and all wars can be justified. England facing the inevitable advent of a new era, following the passing of Edward the Confessor, who remained childless upon his death. This becomes an invitation for nobles across Europe to invade and subdue England, welcoming the throne to those with the power and means to attain it. William, Duke of Normandy, has called for the assembly of many of the most powerful nobles within Normandy, amongst them being members of the papacy, the House of Flanders, and even those with connections to the Royal House of Cadet of France, to aid him in his conquest of England. As mighty as they may be, their opposition remains no easy adversary. Along with numerous other nobles, all with self-declared legitimate claims to the throne, the Council of the Duke of Normandy will find themselves entrapped in a battle for the crown, as they strive to emerge victoriously.

HCC is a committee suited for experienced delegates, but is open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. Position papers are mandatory for this committee. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries and positions papers for this committee can be emailed to hcc@cahsmun.org.


Vivian Gu | Director

Currently, Vivian is a junior studying at Crofton House School; this year will mark her fourth year in Model United Nations. In her spare time, she enjoys binging various Netflix shows, trying new bubble tea and dessert shops, and trying to learn about the world through traveling. She is beyond exuberant to be serving as the Director for the Norman Conquest of England, 1066. Vivian looks forward to meeting everyone and making CAHSMUN 2020 an unforgettable weekend!


Othman Mekhloufi | Chair

Currently in his junior year at University Hill Secondary, Othman holds a grand passion for Model UN. Serving as Chair of the Historical Crisis Committee, he seeks to primarily enrich the delegate experience and extend his branch of passion for Model UN. Apart from MUN, he spends time as a writer and reporter at the news publication, 71 Republic — an activity which only further fuels his love for journalism and a free press. When not focused on MUN, he can be found surfing public transit in Greater Vancouver and trying to understand the hype around bubble tea. Othman is heavily looking forward to an exciting weekend in the HCC.


Tyler Rosenzweig | Chair

Currently in Grade 11 at St. George’s School, Tyler Rosenzweig is delighted to serve as a Chair of the Historical Crisis Committee (HCC). For the past 3 years, Tyler has learned the ropes of the complex sport of debate and compromise, developing a passion for Model United Nations. Other than MUN, Tyler can be found indulging in calorie-filled hamburgers and fries, arguing over American patriotism, playing basketball, and crying after the New York Jets fail to make the playoffs. Tyler cannot wait to meet everyone and awaits a quality and inspiring debate.