The Commonwealth of Nations is a 53-member country organization focusing on human rights, governance, developing economic and social opportunities for the 2.4 billion people who reside in its member states. Its most important meeting is the biennial Heads of Government Meeting, where the Prime Ministers and leaders of the member states come together to decide the future and the focus of the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth is a triple-delegation committee open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, but are mandatory for delegates to be considered for awards. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries, and position papers for this committee can be emailed to

Commonwealth Staff Team:

Peter Pham
Jazlyn Melnychuk
Kelly Grounds
Teanna Lackner
Brandon Narayan
Tosh Turner
Shawn Wade (Head of the Royal Commonwealth Society)