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Welcome to CAHSMUN!

Delegates and Sponsor Teachers,

On behalf of the Canadian High School Model United Nations 2015 Secretariat and Board of Directors, it is with utmost pleasure that I invite you to CAHSMUN 2015. This will be the organization’s eleventh session of the conference, taking place on March 6-8th at the Sheraton Wall Centre hotel located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

As one of the largest conferences in Western Canada, we will be welcoming over 800 participants both locally and internationally. Having been a delegate, a staff member and now member of the secretariat at CAHSMUN, I can confidently say that the extent to which delegates transform as leaders and global citizens within three days is truly remarkable.

This year, we will be offering an array of committee selections that will allow every individual to engage in a topic of debate that appeals to them. Our six beginner committees include WHO, DISEC, ILO, UNIDO, CCPCJ and ECOFIN. Our four intermediate committees include WIPO, IAEA, IMF and ASEAN. Lastly, our four advanced committees include UNSC, ACC, JCC and The National Convention of French Revolution.

The Secretariat is currently working extremely hard in order to ensure that CAHSMUN will represent the very epitome of MUN itself this year, and we would be more than delighted if you were to join us. Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I look forward to meeting you in March!


Linda Dai


Secretary General l CAHSMUN 2015