Thank you delegates, sponsor teachers and staff for such a successful CAHSMUN 2015! Applications for Secretary-General and Secretariat for CAHSMUN 2016 are now open. 

Welcome to CAHSMUN!

Delegates and Sponsor Teachers,

On behalf of the Secretariat and Board of Directors, I thank you all for attending the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations 2015. It has been our utmost pleasure to bring you this weekend packed of debate, discussion and discovery.

With that being said, our organization is now looking towards next year’s conference and ways to better improve the experience. If there are any comments to improve next year’s conference, please feel free to e-mail me at The Secretary-General and Secretariat applications are also now open for CAHSMUN 2016 and are due March 25th and April 8th respectively. Be sure to hand your applications as soon as possible!

See you all next year!


Linda Dai


Secretary General l CAHSMUN 2015