CAHSMUN brings together over 850 delegates from all corners of the globe, connecting youth from around the world with CAHSMUN, the United Nations, and each other. 

We want to congratulate CAHSMUN for their exceptional committees program, highly trained staff, quality of debate, and Secretariat communication. This is the best [conference] we have participated in and we encourage you to continue with this remarkable experience!
— CAHSMUN 2018 Delegation

Canadian High Schools Model United Nations (CAHSMUN) is a three-day high school Model United Nations conference, held annually in Vancouver, BC. Each year, CAHSMUN welcomes hundreds of delegates from high schools all over Canada and North America, and continues to expand student participation in an activity that helps develop public speaking skills, diplomatic attitudes, and critical thinking abilities.

CAHSMUN is an extraordinary opportunity for students to debate political, social, and economic issues in an environment unlike any other. Delegates of CAHSMUN will participate in one of 20 committee simulations of United Nations, regional, and historical bodies – such committees range from the United Nations Disarmament and International Security committee, to the Commonwealth of Nations, to The International Press Corp. Throughout the conference, delegates assume the role of UN representatives and as members of both international and regional cabinets through adopting the foreign policies of their respective countries.

At CAHSMUN, delegates must learn how to apply their diplomatic skills in a tense environment, while preserving the interests of the country that they represent. Through debating various world issues, delegates understand the complex relationships between numerous states, broaden their perspectives on an international platform, and develop comprehensive solutions to global issues that face world leaders today. The lively and stimulating debates present at CAHSMUN supplement the personal growth of all delegates, and prepares them for their future as global citizens.

Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.

CAHSMUN serves as a platform of today that fosters genuine and active interactions between high school students and global issues. Throughout the conference, delegates expand their knowledge and capabilities in the realm of diplomacy and conflict resolution through cooperation. Through this experience, delegates of CAHSMUN mature to become future leaders, leaving impactful and positive change in the world of tomorrow.


International Consciousness

CAHSMUN was founded with the intent to assist delegates in learning about global issues, and to understand the numerous relationships between world states. Every year, we diversify our committees program in such a way that offers delegates the opportunity to explore international politics in a variety of perspectives. In addition, our staff members select issues with an aim to ensure the participation of all member states within the committee.   

As a result, many delegates leave our conference with heightened global awareness, and develop a passion for international relations and related fields. Click here to learn more about CAHSMUN 2019’s committees program.

Academic Orientation

CAHSMUN’s dedication to delegates’ learning is what sets us apart from other Model UN conferences. Our staff members prioritize the production of the highest quality research materials for delegate preparation to ensure strong discussion and debate. Their comprehensive preparation in the months leading up to the conference enables them to lead an educational and interactive committee setting. Within such an environment, delegates are able to maximize the development of their public speaking and diplomatic abilities with the guidance of professional dais members. 

Additionally, in line with our aim to foster the personal growth of delegates, CAHSMUN is run entirely by high school students. In doing so, we offer students the ability to develop their leadership and broaden their network through participation as conference staff, dais members and on the Secretariat team.

Accessible Service

Since its inception, CAHSMUN has aimed to keep Model UN accessible. Our commitment to this value is reflected in CAHSMUN’s provision of over $30,000 in financial aid subsidies, which helps high school students attend our conference, and thus develop their passion for global issues and international politics. Our Secretariat team works to meet every financial aid request that we receive from delegates and sponsor teachers alike.

Furthermore, CAHSMUN provides assistance to Model UN delegates and clubs outside of our annual conference. Our services include the CAHSMUN Foundations program, in-school presentations to new clubs by the Secretariat, and through closer relationships with club leaders.

If you are interested in setting up a new Model UN club at your school and would like assistance, feel free to contact us at