The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) was formed on July 2, 2010, focusing on issues of inequality and lack of opportunity based on gender roles. UN Women focuses on four strategic priorities: ensuring women’s participation in and benefit from governance systems, promoting women’s income security and economic autonomy, condemning all forms of violence against women, and encouraging women’s influence in building resilience. By acting as a channel for women and girls to voice themselves at global, regional, and local levels, UN Women has thus far effectively addressed challenges including discrimination, HIV and AIDS, and the lack of humanitarian action for women.

UN Women is a Specialized Agency suited for seasoned delegates but is open to all delegates, regardless of experience. Position papers are not mandatory apart from delegates who wish to be considered for an award. For more information, please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper Policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries, and position papers for this committee can be emailed to


Carol Lu | Director

Carol, a grade twelve student at Crofton House School in her fourth and final year of MUN, is ecstatic to be serving as Director for UNWOMEN. Ever since her first time delegating at a weekend hotel conference, Carol is grateful for the knowledge, confidence, and friendships she has gained along the way. Other than her involvement in Model UN, she enjoys playing tennis and attempting to teach kids how to do the same, watching Netflix when she’s not supposed to, and overspending on food around Vancouver with her friends. Carol is thrilled to witness the ideas and growth of her delegates and wishes she is able to bring a delightful conference experience to beginners and seasoned delegates alike at CAHSMUN 2020.


Cindy Zhang | Chair

As a sophomore currently studying at Fraser Heights Secondary, Cindy is honoured to serve as the chair for UN Women at CAHSMUN 2020. Following the first time she stepped into her first conference in 2017, she has since then discovered an unparalleled and fiery passion for global affairs. Throughout the span of over 10 conferences, Cindy has learned a valuable set of life skills, such as how to diplomatically solve an issue and how to make instant noodles with a coffee machine. Aside her Model UN engagements and academic pursuits, Cindy can be found drinking espresso shots, regularly emptying her wallet for food, or tending to her garden of succulents. With CAHSMUN underway for yet another successful iteration, Cindy cannot wait to meet everyone for an unforgettable weekend!


Jae Wu Chun | Chair

Jae Wu is a sophomore attending Pacific Academy, and is privileged to be serving as the Chair of UN Women. Being drawn to the idea of a discourse in global affairs, Jae Wu attended his first MUN conference in grade 8. After that experience, he wanted no part of it. Jae Wu entered the world of MUN again, but this time with friends, and he thought, “this is pretty fun.” On his seemingly neverending quest to find his passion, creating websites for organizations is what he does on the side. In the meanwhile, he makes sure to please his parents by not allowing both his rice purity score and grade average to fall below a ninety. The UN Women dais is looking forward to seeing everyone this April!