The British Parliament began as a forum for wealthy members of the aristocracy to advise the monarch in matters of governance. Ultimately, the monarch was not obligated to implement this advice; however, this changed in 1215 after the signing of the Magna Carta, a document that ushered in a new age of responsible governance. Over the next 400 years, the British parliament became increasingly powerful, until the Glorious Revolution in the 17th Century completed the transformation into a constitutional monarchy.

Today, the House of Commons is the legislative body of the UK and is comprised of 650 elected members. Members write and debate legislation before passing it on to the Upper Body, the House of Lords, to be implemented. Historically, the House of Lords could reject legislation passed by the House of Commons; however, in order to maintain the integrity of democracy, this was amended to a delaying power in 1911.

As the leader of the ruling party, the Prime Minister appoints a cabinet of elected members responsible for particular portfolios. The Cabinet, in conjunction with the members of the ruling party, form the government. The Prime Minister’s counterpart, the Leader of the Opposition, appoints a critic for each government portfolio, forming the Shadow Cabinet. It is the Opposition’s responsibility to ensure that the Government remains responsible to the people. 

Parliament sits for a maximum of 5 years, after which parliament is dissolved and an election is held to elect a new Government.

UKHOC is a committee suited for experienced delegates, but is open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. All delegates must submit two PMRs - one for the Set Topic, and one for the Open Agenda. More information can be found on the "PMR Guide" below. 

Questions, inquiries, and position papers about this committee can be emailed to

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Graeme Brawn | Speaker of the House
Graeme is currently a grade 12 student attending Richmond Christian Secondary School. Drawn to MUN though his keen interest in global affairs, Graeme recognizes the educational and social value inherent to the nature of the simulation. After attending his first conference in 2015, he was introduced to an enriching world of diplomacy, debate, and public speaking and thus wishes to provide other students with similarly valuable experiences through MUN. Beyond academic studies and MUN, Graeme works and volunteers at his local pool, serves as the president of his school’s Grad Legacy club, and participates in Youth Parliament events. In his spare time, he can be found reading, skiing, biking, and playing piano. Graeme is ecstatic to serve as the Speaker of the House in the United Kingdom House of Commons, and looks forward to creating an engaging, entertaining, and educational conference for all delegates!


Christos Cunning | Clerk
Christos Cunning is a senior at Prince of Wales Mini School who was only introduced to Model UN in Grade 10 but has since developed a passion for it. After enjoying the atmosphere of debate he experienced at other conferences last year he hopes to bring delegates that same environment at CAHSMUN this year. Christos likes playing sports including hockey, soccer and ultimate. In his spare time Christos roaming the halls of Prince of Wales Mini School, exploring the seemingly infinite knowledge of Kanye and throwing Frisbees. Christos is absolutely thrilled to be a Clerk in the HOC this year and hopes all delegates have an amazing time.


Jacob McKenzie | Clerk
Jacob McKenzie is a grade 12 student at Mulgrave school doing the full IB diploma. He has attended 3 conferences, and participated in UNSC at all three. Outside of school you can find him playing rugby at number 8, skiing, hiking and working on his 2007 VW Rabbit. Jacob is hoping to attend either Carleton University or Australia National University in Canberra next year. He hopes to study International Relations, so his passion for world affairs is one he is hoping to pursue. Apart from struggling through IB Jacob is also a member of Mulgrave's debate team and watches an unnecessary amount of That 70's Show. Jacob is honoured to serve as the Clerk of the United Kingdom House of Commons committee and is hoping for a fun weekend of debating.

Marna Swart | Clerk
Since attending her first conference in 2015, Marna has developed an immense fondness for the fruitful discussion, valuable learning opportunities, and tight knit community that delineate the MUN landscape. A current senior at York House School, Marna enjoys spending time with friends, volunteering, and binge-watching the Bachelor. Marna is thrilled to be involved in the running of CAHSMUN 2017, and wishes all delegates a superb experience.