Technology Policy

CAHSMUN recognizes the value in encouraging delegates to perform and complete extensive pre-conference research, and use their knowledge, critical thinking, and logic, to make decisions in committee session. As such, CAHSMUN will continue to enact its long-standing policy of prohibiting Internet usage in all committees, with the exceptions of Commonwealth, IPC, and NGO.  

 Delegates are not permitted to access the Internet, on their laptop, cell phone, or other electronic device, during any committee session. They are, however, permitted to use saved materials and resources with their device in “offline mode” or equivalent. CAHSMUN staff, volunteers, and Secretariat will strictly enforce this policy. Delegates in violation of this policy will be subject to the following penalties:

First occurrence: warning from Staff.

Second occurrence: notification to Head Delegate/Sponsor Teacher/Advisor.

Third occurrence: further penalty as appropriate (including, but not limited to, temporary suspension of speaking privileges, disqualification from delegate awards, etc.)

Delegates needing to write resolution papers or perform additional research can request to use their devices in the hallway, through a written request to the Dais. Delegates are encouraged to avoid frequent exits, so as to not distract other delegates and committees. Completed resolution papers can be submitted to the dais through Universal Serial Buses (USBs) provided by CAHSMUN. 

Plagiarism Policy

The open exchange of ideas plays a crucial role in debate. However, it is important for all delegates to acknowledge clearly when they have relied upon or incorporated the work of others. It is expected that all materials submitted to the committee staff before and during the conference will be the delegates’ own work. Delegates should always take great care to distinguish their own ideas and knowledge from information derived from sources through the proper citation of all quoted and paraphrased material. Delegates who have any concerns should consult their Sponsor Teacher, Director, or Secretariat member before the work is submitted.

Please note that all position papers will be run through TurnItIn, and extensively cross-referenced through various sources, both online and print. If there is any evidence of using the work of others without citations, the delegate(s) will not be eligible for an award. Any school that has multiple cases of plagiarism may be reconsidered for a School Delegation Award. It is the responsibility of the delegate and the advisor to ensure their Delegation follows the citation requirement.

This policy is adapted from the Harvard University Guide to Using Sources.

Pre-Written Resolution Paper Policy

One of the fundamental pillars of the CAHSMUN experience is delegate engagement with each other at the conference and crafting resolutions that are uniquely tailored not only to the topic but also to each other’s positions and suggestions. As such, CAHSMUN staff members will not accept documents written prior to the conference. All resolutions and supporting materials submitted must be written during committee session. At the discretion of the Director, if they deem that a resolution could not have been feasibly written during the time allocated at conference, Directors reserve the right to question its authenticity and may be duly penalized.