What is the Summit?       
The Summit Program at CAHSMUN 2018 is an opportunity for delegates to gain a more realistic approach to how the United Nations is conducted. In the United Nations, committees are not isolated from one another and confined to their own rooms, rather, committees often interact with one another to approach topics and issues more holistically. The Summit program is the only one of its kind in Canada. 

This year, the Summit Program has been revamped to encourage more inter-committee dialogue than ever before. Delegates in the three participating committees (Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, World Health Organization, and Committee on the Rights of the Child) will tackle a topic through the lens of their respective committee. At the end of the conference, the goal is to combine resolutions from all three committees to create one comprehensive resolution to the main topic.

Committee Sessions 1-4: 
Delegates will meet in their own committee rooms and discuss their committee-specific topics

Committee Session 5:
On Sunday morning, Summit A delegates will be meet in their new committee rooms to vote on all of the Summit resolutions

Summit Procedure:

The first through fourth committee sessions will operate as a typical committee wherein the delegates will remain in their respective committee rooms to discuss topics outlined in their committee-specific background guides. In the fifth committee session, delegates will be re-arranged into the three committee rooms by country. For example, delegates representing the United States of America in SOCHUM, CRC, and WHO will join together in one committee room to form a triple delegation. Delegates are expected to hand in their placards to their director at the end of the fourth session and will be informed on which room to go to for the fifth committee session the night before through email. When they arrive to their new committee rooms, their placards will be arranged according to their new delegation. Each committee room will have at least one sponsor of the passed committee resolutions.

Once delegates have found their new committee rooms, the director will present one comprehensive resolution paper that will include all resolutions from the SOCHUM, WHO, and CRC. The purpose of this committee session is to vote on the resolutions brought forth by all the participating committees thus far in the conference. Each of the three new committees will vote clause by clause (passed with simple majority) on that paper, and a clause will only pass if at least two of the three committees approve it. Only the delegates from the committee relevant to the clause are expected to speak on the clause, though outside input and consultation within delegations is welcomed.

Directors will keep track of which clauses pass and fail and at the end of the voting procedure, a final resolution will be produced. In order to pass this summative resolution, a role vote will take place in all three rooms wherein the directors will keep track of votes for and against. Each delegation will have one vote. For example, the India in WHO, CRC and SOCHUM will vote on the final document as one delegation. The directors will then announce whether the final resolution passes.

At the discretion of the Dais, the doors between the three committee rooms may be opened for unmoderated caucuses to discuss and negotiate across committees, similar to how the United Nations operates in practice.

For questions regarding the Summit program, please email Danica Li, USG General Assemblies at committees@cahsmun.org.