The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) is the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly and dedicates its efforts in upholding and protecting human rights, as well as maintaining the intricate balance between political entities. Apart from these primary mandates, SPECPOL is also devoted to other issues such as neocolonialism, outer space exploration, and labour regulations.

When founded near the end of the Second World War, SPECPOL was purposed with the decolonization of territories encompassing more than 750 million people. In the 21st century, it has transitioned into a body designated to tackle internationally prominent, yet often miscellaneous issues of political and territorial nature. While this committee is representative of all 193 member states, resolutions are non-binding, and actions are recommended to the Security Council, which holds the ultimate power in ratifying, vetoing, and passing such proposals. 

SPECPOL offers the traditional Model United Nations experience for delegates of all experience levels. Position papers are recommended for this committee, but are mandatory for delegates to be considered for awards. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries, and position papers for this committee can be emailed to

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Judith Chen | Director
Currently a Grade 11 student at Semiahmoo Secondary, Judith is entering her third year of high school Model United Nations. Since her first MUN conference in Gr. 9, Judith has grown a genuine passion for Model UN and its community. She believes that Model UN is an educational experience unlike any other, and is an excellent way to develop public speaking skills, expand international knowledge, and connect with amazing individuals. Outside of MUN, Judith enjoys being on the bench in volleyball, editing her Spotify playlists, and watching documentaries about 20th-century history. She is extremely excited to direct SPECPOL at this year’s CAHSMUN and hopes to extend her love for Model UN to new and seasoned delegates alike. 

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Jaskirt Brar | Chair
Jaskirt is currently a junior at Southpointe Academy and is ecstatic to chair the Special Political Decolonization Committee. Since his first MUN, Jaskirt has been attracted to the pragmatic and professional nature of this endeavour. He has participated in a plethora of different Model United Nations conferences throughout the past three years, and in the process, developed a strong passion for public speaking and international affairs. Outside of MUN, when he is not found carrying his soccer team, running, or getting lost in downtown, he can be seen cruising the streets of Surrey with his newly minted L sign. Jaskirt looks forward to a weekend full of intense and productive debate at CAHSMUN 2018.

Samuel Chen.png

Samuel Chen | Chair
Currently a junior at St. George's school, Samuel is ecstatic to serve as the Chair of SPECPOL at CAHSMUN 2018. After first immersing himself in the world of Model United Nations in Grade 7, he has delegated and staffed 10+ conferences and hopes to bring his extensive experience and enthusiasm into SPECPOL. Outside of MUN, Samuel is an avid debater and an even more avid procrastinator. He also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, hanging out with friends, and binge-watching Netflix. Samuel hopes that your experience at CAHSMUN 2018 will be an unforgettable one and cannot wait to meet all the delegates!