Andy Jiang
| Secretary-General

Andy is a senior student at Fraser Heights Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as the Secretary-General of CAHSMUN 2019. His immense passion for public speaking and debate has felt right at home in the comprehensive world of Model United Nations. Ever since raising his placard for the very first time, Andy has fallen in love with the supportive community of fellow delegates, staff, and secretariat members. Throughout the span of over 20 conferences, Andy has molded friendships he will treasure for life, something he wishes for the hundreds of delegates attending CAHSMUN. Aside from his involvement in MUN, Andy can be found in the middle of intense debates with his friends, or exploring new genres of music. With CAHSMUN 2019 on the horizon, Andy cannot wait to meet hundreds of determined faces and to promote a burning passion for politics and international affairs.


Alex Han
| DSG Internal

Alex is a senior attending Port Moody Secondary School in the International Baccalaureate Programme. After being introduced to Model United Nations in his early grade 9 years, Alex was instantly captivated by its rigour in research and passionate debates. Three years later, Alex is excited to serve as the Deputy-Secretary-General Internal for CAHSMUN 2019! Outside his involvement in Model United Nations, Alex can be found indulging himself in the realm (or perhaps a bottomless abyss) of mathematics, suffering from existential angst arising from philosophical thoughts, hiking for scenery, searching for more ways to automate his life through programming, and digging for the ball on the volleyball court. With advancements in delegate experience, staff training, and secretariat organization, CAHSMUN 2019 will no doubt be its best iteration yet. Alex is exhilarated to witness CAHSMUN 2019 come to fruition with everyone in April!


Irene Zhang
| DSG External

Currently in her senior year at Fraser Heights Secondary, Irene is honoured to be serving as the Deputy-Secretary-General External for CAHSMUN 2019. Ever since she stumbled into her first Model UN conference in an oversized blazer, nothing could have ever prepared her for the life-changing adventures that ensued. A burning passion for Model UN kept her going to conference after conference; taking part in insightful debate, meeting inspiring individuals, and experiencing the incredible joy that came from serving delegates strengthened her love for Model UN. In her spare time, Irene enjoys drawing at ungodly hours, practicing Taekwondo, and helping out around the community. Regardless of whether this is your first conference or last one, Irene hopes that CAHSMUN 2019 will be an amazing and unforgettable experience for all delegates, staff, and attendees.


Jasper Mai
| Chief of Staff

Jasper Mai is a senior at Fraser Heights Secondary and is beyond honoured to serve as the Chief of Staff at CAHSMUN 2019. Intrigued by the fruitful discussions and variety of genuine personalities in the Model United Nations scene, he attended his first conference three years ago. From raising his placard thrice that weekend, Jasper has since been captivated continuously by the MUN community and is grateful for the confidence and friendships that have blossomed as a result. When he is not participating in or chairing a moderated caucus, Jasper can be found exercising his passion for badminton, spiking a volleyball, or sometimes dwindling in the confusing world of debate. As the Chief of Staff, Jasper is excited to showcase the tremendous staff team of CAHSMUN 2019 and looks forward to working alongside them to present an unforgettable experience for the hundreds of delegates in attendance.


Matthew Cheng
| USG General Assemblies

Matthew is a senior at St. George’s School. His Model UN journey began in the eighth grade, when he spoke a total of two times the entire conference. Since then, he has attended over ten conferences in the lower mainland and delegated and staffed in a plethora of committees. When not caught up in the excitement of committee session, Matthew can be spotted shoulder checking at every right turn, being questioned about his choice of shorts, and enjoying a wholesome episode of iCarly. While this iteration of CAHSMUN marks one of the final milestones of Matthew’s Model UN career, he is incredibly excited to witness everything that will unfold this weekend: the fruitful debate, the creative resolutions, and of course, the devious sabotages. Matthew is excited to serve as the USG of General Assemblies alongside his partner in crime, Benjamin Steven, to make CAHSMUN 2019 an unforgettable experience.


Benjamin Steven
| USG Specialized Agencies

Benjamin is a senior at St. George’s School and is honoured to serve as USG Specialized Agencies. His Model UN journey began in Grade 9, driven both by curiosity and in some ways peer pressure, but since his initial experiment, he has never looked back. His devotion to Model UN stems not only from countless instances of engaging and thoughtful debate he has witnessed since his introduction at CAHSMUN 2016, but also from the meaningful connections he has forged between new and old friends. Outside of MUN, Benjamin can be found frustratedly complaining about his Discover Weekly playlists on Spotify, happily binging Netflix comedy specials, and embarking on trips to discover the best Mexican restaurant. CAHSMUN 2019 will be the culmination of Ben’s previous Model UN experiences, and he is delighted to work alongside his partner in crime, Matthew Cheng, to deliver an unforgettable experience for all delegates.


Linda Dai
| USG Marketing

Linda is a senior at Crofton House School and is honoured to be serving as USG Marketing at CAHSMUN 2019. Having attending her first conference several years ago, she has since developed a passion for creative collaboration and international diplomacy. Many moderated and unmoderated caucuses later, Linda has been greatly inspired by the meaningful ideas presented by delegates during committee session. She similarly cherishes the impactful friendships she has formed in the MUN community. Through these experiences, Linda has learned a valuable set of life skills, such as how to effectively public speak and to critically problem-solve. Outside of her participation in Model UN, she enjoys volunteering with local nonprofits, travelling with her family, and hanging out with her friends, especially if there is food involved. At CAHSMUN 2019, Linda looks forward to meeting all of the delegates attending the conference and anticipates a weekend filled with fruitful, enlightening, and informative debate!


Sarah Buddhason
| USG Conference

Sarah is a senior at Moscrop Secondary School and is thrilled to serve as the USG Conference for CAHSMUN 2019. Having been both a delegate and a staff member over the span of fourteen conferences, she has grown to love the intensity of debate and the cooperation needed to resolve pressing global issues. From the late-night resolution paper edits to the nostalgia that comes early Sunday morning, Model UN has become more than just an extracurricular for her — it is an invaluable and defining aspect of her life. When not behind the dais table, Sarah can be found editing photos in Adobe Lightroom, playing her alto saxophone, and clarifying what her ethnicity is. For her fourth and final year of Model UN, Sarah is looking forward to a conference filled with lively debate, and is certain that CAHSMUN 2019 will be an unforgettable experience for all delegates, teachers, and volunteers alike!

Audrea Wang.jpg

Audrea Wang
| USG Delegate Affairs

Audrea Wang is currently a junior at Port Moody Secondary and is honored to be serving as USG Delegate Affairs at CAHSMUN 2019. After attending her first conference in Grade 9, Audrea was immediately drawn to the world of Model United Nations by the fiery discussions about international affairs and the drafting of potential solutions to real-world problems. After attending numerous conferences, Audrea has come to gain not only invaluable public speaking and critical thinking skills, but also a global mindset that has broadened her perspective of the world. Outside of Model United Nations, Audrea also participates in a number of debate tournaments, plays the cello, and indulges herself in journalism. CAHSMUN was the conference that began her Model United Nations journey, and Audrea hopes that this year’s iteration, CAHSMUN 2019, will be just as unforgettable!


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