The Secretary-General is at the helm of the CAHSMUN conference. He/she will be responsible for interviewing and selecting a Secretariat team, managing all aspects of the conference planning process, including hotel logistics, staff hiring, committees program, backgrounder editing, marketing strategy, among other responsibilities. Over the span of 10-12 months, the Secretary-General will be responsible for leading the Secretariat team, resolving a variety of issues that arise, and turning their vision for the conference into reality. The Secretary-General position is demanding; expected workload can be 20+ hours/week for the majority of the year, and higher as the conference approaches. 

Director-General / Deputy Secretary General
The Deputy Secretary General serves as the second in command to the Secretary General in leading the members of the Secretariat and organizing the conference. Duties of the DSG will encompass external and internal matters such as liaising with the hotel venue and working with various external stakeholders. Within the team, the DSG should act as a source of revision and communicate with the SG to ensure conference quality.

Director of Logistics
The Director of Logistics is responsible for conference logistics and hotel rooming assignments. He/she will be working closely with the SG/DSG to secure conference materials via sponsors and various external outlets, as well as overseeing internal documents and contracts. Additionally, the Director of Logistics should record financial expenditure and miscellaneous inventories, be detail oriented and organized, and demonstrate exemplary work ethics and dedication to CAHSMUN.

Chief of Staff
The Chief of Staff will work closely with the SG/DSG in the hiring process of staff members for the conference. He/she will also be working alongside senior board members to focus on human capital development through planning a comprehensive staff training program that will take place before the conference. Furthermore, the Chief of Staff serves as the point person on staff matters and should be very adept in fostering an environment that is built on mutual respect, care, and understanding amongst the staff members. The Chief of Staff is finally responsible for communicating with all staff members on a regular basis as well as planning frequent social events for staff members before, during, and after the conference.

USG Delegate Affairs
The Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs works closely with the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, and external stakeholders ranging from delegates to faculty advisors. The USG of Delegate Affairs plays a key role in the delegate registration process, country assignment distribution execution and position papers procurement. The USG of Delegate Affairs is expected to not only be able to reach every single deadline assigned to him/her, but also be able to properly communicate via email and in person should concerns and questions arise from within and outside of CAHSMUN.

USG Committees
The Under-Secretary-General of Committees will play a key role in the substantive program of CAHSMUN. He/she must have strong writing, editing, and research skills in addition to vast knowledge on current events. The USG of Committees will be working closely with select Senior Board Members, the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Chief of Staff, and many members of the Committee Staff to effectively complete the substantive program, which consists of backgrounder writing, position paper marking, etc. The substantive program is geared towards helping the delegates and faculty advisors navigate CAHSMUN and Model UN as a whole.

USG Marketing
The Under-Secretary-General of Marketing focuses on promoting the conference to the conference's target schools as well as attracting new schools to the conference. He/she must execute a comprehensive marketing program encompassing live presentations, online media, phone calls, and much more. The USG of Marketing must be personable, creative, and be able to leverage his/her presentation skills to market the conference extensively. Lastly, he/she must be excited about the prospect of further expanding CAHSMUN on a national and international scale.

USG Sponsorship
The Under-Secretary-General of Sponsorship serves as the main contact for sponsors, presenting speakers, and other external stakeholders. He/she must demonstrate rhetorical professionalism and competency, as well as an amiable and charismatic persona. Furthermore, the USG Sponsorship should possess communicative capabilities and exceptional work ethic and commitment, and should actively seek to expand the sponsorship program to prospective partners in the form of companies and organizations.

Director of Media
The Director of Media is responsible for the creation of promotional material for the CAHSMUN brand, working closely with the USG Marketing in planning and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy for CAHSMUN 2019. In addition, the Director of Media will be responsible for the designing of conference branded materials (i.e. delegate handbooks, placards, etc.) — the Director of Media will be responsible for hiring, managing and coordinating a team of photographers and videographers for the conference.