The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), also known as the Shanghai Pact, is a Eurasian body comprised of eight member countries aimed to secure political, military, and economic cooperation. The organization was formed in 2001 and places a particular emphasis on combating terrorism, separatism, and extremism. The Heads of State Council (HSC), the decision-making body in the SCO, meet annually and collectively make decisions and guidelines on all relevant matters. Given SCO’s past efforts, the organization has been termed the “alliance of the East” and the primary security pillar of the region.

SCO is a Regional Body tailored towards experienced delegates, but welcomes all delegates nonetheless. Position papers are highly encouraged for this committee, but are only required for delegates wishing to be considered for an award during the conference. For more information about the position paper, please read CAHSMUN’s Position Paper Policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

All inquiries and position papers can be emailed to


Koby Chen | Director

Embarking on his sophomore year at St. George’s school, Koby is beyond elated to be serving as the director for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Model United Nations, being the intersection of debate, diplomacy, and oversized statecraft, has been an activity he has relished engaged in since grade 8. Outside of Model UN, Koby can be found obsessively binging Netflix sitcoms, swimming laps at the pool, and struggling to center clay at the potter’s wheel. He is certain that SCO and this iteration of CAHSMUN will be an electric experience for all delegates. From the clashes between India and Pakistan to the addressing violent movements within the Asian continent, he hopes that all delegates will savor this weekend full of discourse.



Sana Shams | Chair

Sana is a junior enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program in Semiahmoo Secondary, and is honoured to serve as the Chair of SCO at CAHSMUN 2020. Not long ago, when Sana first entered the world of MUN, she was captivated by the passionate (and at times questionable) debate, innovative resolutions and the strong network of the driven delegates. Since then, MUN has quickly grown to be one of Sana’s primary passions, with the invaluable experience of every conference urging her come back. Outside of MUN, Sana can be found adding to her extensive archive of math pickup lines, attempting to understand Persian poetry, and juggling various leadership roles around her school and community. She looks forward to meeting everyone and anticipates heated yet insightful debate!