The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an intergovernmental military alliance that includes 28 members states from Europe and North America. The treaty was signed in April 1949, in an effort to halt Soviet and communist expansion into Europe. Although its military force was never exercised, NATO’s strong member state alliance was prominent in the efforts to halt Soviet influence.

In the present time, the organization’s mandate has been updated; NATO now provides humanitarian aid, and assists in political reconstruction in war-torn nations. Furthermore, NATO operations in post-Cold war conflicts have been pivotal in maintaining world peace.

NATO is a committee suited for experienced delegates, but is open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, but are mandatory for delegates to be considered for awards. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries, and position papers for this committee can be emailed to


Cathy Hu | Director

As a rising senior at Fraser Heights Secondary School, Cathy cannot be more excited to serve as the Director of NATO at CAHSMUN 2020. Since her reluctant introduction to Model UN four years ago, Cathy has found a passion for diplomacy and debate, all while cherishing the friendships that she has made along the way. When she is not banging the gavel, Cathy can be found travelling, spending way too much money on food or online shopping, or playing roulette on Netflix to find a new show. She looks forward to meeting everyone and hopes to create new, unforgettable memories together. Cathy wishes all delegates the best of luck.


Angel Yuan | Chair

Angel is currently a junior at Crofton House School and in her fourth year of Model United Nations. She is ecstatic to be serving as the Chair of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at CAHSMUN 2020. Ever since starting her Model UN journey in Grade 8, she has grown to love the sleepless nights and intense debate. She hopes to help delegates discover a new side of themselves just like Model UN has done for her. When not cramming for tests, Angel enjoys volunteering in her community, staying up late rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, and getting judged by friends for watching food ASMR. Angel cannot wait to meet all the delegates and wishes everyone the best of luck at CAHSMUN 2020!