The International Court of Justice (ICJ), or the World Court, was established in 1945 as one of the six primary organs of the United Nations. Tasked with settling international legal disputes and providing advisory opinions to the UN, the ICJ functions as a source of international law. The panel consists of 15 judges of diverse backgrounds who are elected by the Security Council and the General Assembly every nine years. In order for the ICJ to entertain a dispute, a state must communicate through their Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Registrar, the ICJ’s administrative branch. Advisory opinions are referred to the Court by UN organs or specialized agencies. 

ICJ is a committee suited for experienced delegates, but is open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, but are mandatory for delegates to be considered for awards. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper Policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries and positions papers for this committee can be emailed to


Alison Lee | Director

Currently in her final year at West Point Grey Academy, Alison is thrilled to be directing the International Court of Justice. Since attending her first Model UN conference over two years ago, she has and continues to be inspired by the passionate individuals around her and hopes to inspire others to immerse themselves in the incredibly rewarding activity as well. Aside from Model UN, Alison can be found tripping over her two left feet, trying and failing to understand basic math, and struggling to keep her plants alive. In the rare occasion that she attempts to be productive, Alison enjoys writing slam poetry, debating, and reading humorous self-help books. Alison looks forward to a weekend packed with debate and collaboration, and is ecstatic to meet everyone in April!


Jason Guo | Chair

Jason Guo is currently a Junior at St. Georges School and he is honoured to be serving as chair for the first iteration of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at CAHSMUN. He started MUN in grade 8 and has fallen in love with its fast paced debate and diplomacy. Outside of MUN, Jason enjoys competitive debating, binge watching Masterchef, and having fantasies about competing on Masterchef. He hopes to provide the delegates of ICJ with an unforgettable time filled with high energy debate and complex diplomacy. 


Annie Tsoromocos | Chair

Annie Tsoromocos is currently a senior at York House School and is beyond thrilled to serve as Chair in the International Court of Justice at CAHSMUN 2020: the final conference of her Model UN career. Her four years of participating in Model UN, both in her school’s club and at conferences, have been filled with countless amazing memories that have truly shaped her high school experience; she hopes to create many more at CAHSMUN 2020. Apart from her studies and Model UN, Annie can be found scouring Vancouver’s taco restaurants in search of the best carnitas, following Brexit like reality television, or bumping into one of her countless Greek relatives anytime she leaves her house. Annie is eagerly looking forward to meeting all of the delegates this coming spring and she wishes them all the best of luck in their preparations.