The Foundations Program is an accessible and interactive service created by CAHSMUN to prepare students for the world of Model UN. Facilitated by the Secretariat team, this program focuses on helping delegates learn more about how Model UN works, providing assistance to new clubs, and strengthening pre-existing clubs. This is accomplished through various in-school presentations and workshops that will be held throughout the year leading up to the conference itself.

Students looking to participate in a Model UN conference will greatly benefit from the Foundations Program. Our service is designed to give students a better insight into conferences through meaningful, in-person interactions with experienced members of the Model UN community.

By bringing this program to the students, CAHSMUN hopes to build a stronger foundation for prospective delegates and uphold its three pillars of international consciousness, academic orientation, and accessible service.

If you have any questions about CAHSMUN's Foundations Program, please contact Irene Zhang, Foundations Lead via




Step One:  Please complete a program registration form. This can be done by a the school’s sponsor teacher, or a student leader if a Model UN club is not available.

Step Two: The primary contact of the given school will receive an email within 48 hours of the form's submission to confirm its approval.

Step Three: The secretariat will contact you within 1 week to make further arrangements for the facilitation of the program at your school.