CAHSMUN prides itself with an innovative committees program that boasts unique features not seen at any other conferences in the Lower Mainland. The Summit Program is designed to foster cooperation between the General Assemblies of the UN, solving one inter-connective crisis between 4 different committees. This sense of unity extends into our double & triple delegation system, through which delegates can work closely with multiple representatives of the same nation. We hope such experiences can allow participants to enjoy MUN along with friends of their choice. CAHSMUN offers a diverse roster of committees, each possessing different topics that cater to specific interests; every delegate can discover a unique appeal that genuinely inspires them in the realm of diplomacy.



mutli-delegation system

CAHSMUN's multi-delegation system allows delegates to experience model united nations beyond the inter-national level. Allowing multiple delegates to represent the same country challenges the delegates to not only resolve problems within their committee but between themselves. This additional layer of difficulty provides a richer delegate experience for participants. 

In CAHSMUN 2020, SCO and the Arab League will be run using the multi-delegation system. 


summit program

CAHSMUN's Summit Program brings together diverse committees with different jurisdictions to approach a crisis in a multi-faceted fashion. Crisis topic is selected to touch upon all participating committees' interests. 

Delegates of all participating committees will be able to interact with each other during committee sessions by contributing to the debate and creating a Summit-wide resolution paper. A delegate exchange system is used to achieve this. We hope to see the Summit Program encapsulate the inter-connectedness of real UN organs for all participating delegates. 

In CAHSMUN 2020, all four general assemblies (DISECSOCHUMINTERPOL, and WHO) will participate in the Summit Program. 


Diverse selection

In its sixteenth iteration, CAHSMUN offers twenty different committees to broaden the diverse delegate experience at the conference. For the general assemblies, CAHSMUN offers four distinct areas of discussion: health, international security, social and cultural problems, and crime

For the regional bodies, CAHSMUN allows discussion on various geographical locations and problems unique to them such as Europe, the Middle East or Latin America

For the specialized agencies, CAHSMUN provides discussion on environmental issues through UNDAC, civil rights through the US Senate, international law through the ICJ, and more. 

CAHSMUN's crisis committee selection exhibits the inter-connected nature of the JCC and the historic environment of the HCC.