Conference Waiver


Conference Safety Policies

For the safety and well-being of all students, CAHSMUN has enacted several conference policies (“Conference Policies”) below. Please thoroughly review these policies with your advisors, sponsor teachers, and parents. Once you understand, and agree to, the Conference Policies, please sign the Conference Waiver by clicking the button above. You will not be permitted to attend CAHSMUN until a waiver is signed and returned. 

1. Participants are expected to attend all committee sessions and remain respectful of all individuals during the conference.

2. All individuals at CAHSMUN are required to wear conference-issued nametags for identification and security reasons. Your CAHSMUN nametag is exclusive to you, and cannot be redistributed or given to other parties. Please immediately notify the Secretariat team if your nametag is missing. 

3. Participants are expected to disclose any medical conditions that may impact their participation during the conference. Please notify the Secretariat of any health concerns. 

4. CAHSMUN maintains zero tolerance towards any and all actions, objects, materials, and substances that are deemed as illegal or illegal in the presence of minors by the governments of Canada, the province of British Columbia, the city of Vancouver, and any other municipal bodies or school authorities.

a) Such items include weapons, drugs, alcohol, and any illegal substances or substances illegal in the presence of minors.

b) If your child is caught in possession of such items, caught to have consumed illegal substances, or caught in the presence of peers who have consumed illegal substances, you will be notified immediately and will be asked to retrieve your child from the conference premises. Your child will not be allowed on conference premises for the remainder of the Conference.

5.  Discrimination or harassment based on sex, sexual orientation, race, marital status, gender identity or expression, creed, age, colour, disability, political or religious belief by any conference participant towards any other conference participant, CAHSMUN volunteer, hotel staff member, hotel guest, or any individuals within the conference venue will not be tolerated. Individuals participating in CAHSMUN-sponsored or hosted events must abide by federal and provincial laws with respect to discrimination. 

a) If you are found breaking this rule, you may be immediately removed from the conference and banned from attending CAHSMUN-sponsored events indefinitely. Your school and other educational conferences may be informed of your removal from our conference and the reason behind the removal.

6. Vandals assume all responsibility of structural damages done to the conference venue (including, but not restricted to, the Sheraton Wall Centre).

7. A strict curfew will be implemented by the conference between the hours of 11:59PM and 7:00AM, during which all participants must return to and stay in their own rooms unless involved in a committee session that is run and supervised by CAHSMUN.

8. Prohibition of co-educational rooming for all students, including those with school supervision.

9. All violations of the Conference Policies will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. CAHSMUN reserves the rights to suspend the individual for a specific duration from their role at the conference, and expulsion of the individual from the conference and its premises will occur if appropriate.

10. All restrictions placed on the behaviour of your child by your child’s school, the conference venue, and the governments of Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, and any other municipal bodies or school authorities are in effect during the Conference.