The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), was formed in 2010 to unite two similar regional bodies: the Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development (CALC) and the Rio Group. Although it was originally an effort by Latin American and Caribbean States to reduce American influence, its current goals are to improve political, social, and cultural integration, as well as the quality of life of their citizens. CELAC holds annual multilateral summits to facilitate talks among its 33 member states and to formulate action plans. 

CELAC is a committee suited for experienced delegates, but is open to delegates of all experience levels wishing to challenge their capacity as delegates. Position papers are strongly recommended for this committee, but are mandatory for delegates to be considered for awards. Please read about CAHSMUN’s Position Paper Policy, which can be found under the list of committees on the “Committees” page.

Questions, inquiries and positions papers for this committee can be emailed to


Nikki Wu | Director

Currently a junior at Crofton House School, Nikki is beyond ecstatic to be directing CELAC at CAHSMUN 2020. Since attending her first MUN conference way back in grade 8, she has found herself quickly captivated by the intriguing world of Model United Nations. Whilst her experience in MUN has taught her valuable skills such as being persuasive and efficiently doing research, she has mostly mastered the art of discreetly entering a committee room when late and pulling endless all-nighters. When not overconsuming chocolate and bubble tea, she can be found debating, swimming competitively, and writing short stories. Nikki is looking forward to an exciting weekend of productive debate, effective resolutions, and a plethora of new friendships!


Geoffrey Yang | Chair

Currently a senior in the IB Program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Geoffrey is honoured to be chairing the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States at CAHSMUN 2020. Since timidly and confusedly representing Lebanon in his first conference five years ago, Geoffrey has been totally captivated by the fast-paced environment of placards, notepads, and iced water jugs MUN has to offer. Although he entered MUN for the debate, he has stuck around for all the amazing and intelligent people he has met along the way. Outside of MUN, Geoffrey can be found drowning in the turbulent sea that is IB Mathematics HL, benchwarming for his school's badminton team, and desperately trying to piece together an extraordinary life story for the Common Application. Geoffrey cannot wait to see you all there at CAHSMUN 2020 for a weekend full of thoughtful and nuanced debate.



Emma Guo | Chair

Currently a senior at Sentinel Secondary School, Emma is delighted to be serving as the Chair of CELAC at CAHSMUN 2020. Every committee Emma has been in since stepping into the world of Model United Nations was characterized by fascinating debate and new learning opportunities. She became mesmerized by the differing perspectives, creative resolutions, and connections that resulted from these committee sessions. In her free time, Emma can be found drawing, playing the piano, or visiting new bubble tea places in Vancouver. Having learned so much from her past experiences at CAHSMUN, Emma wishes to provide an engaging and didactic experience for her delegates. She is excited to meet everyone!